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Lesson 1: The Person of Peter (Luke 5 & 22, Matthew 14 & 16) — When you think about Peter the disciple, what comes to mind? I think of a leader - or at least someone who gets mentioned more than most of the other disciples. The pattern that emerges from the stories about Peter is that he is the one who says, "Let's do this," or "I can do this," but then ends up coming up short. Maybe you know a lot about what this feels like. At some point in Peter's life, after most of the stories we know about have take place, Peter is referred to as a "pillar" in the early church. Galatians 2:9. What an encouragement! Peter wrote two of the books of the New Testament, and that is our study this quarter. Let's start our study by diving into the Bible and learning more about the man! More...

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