Lesson 13: Israel in Egypt (Genesis 45-50)

I love happy endings! When a book or movie end on a sour note, it makes the entire story less appealing. We all want happy endings for our personal stories. Let's jump into our study as we finish up Genesis to see how this story ends. But, like many stories, the author drops a hint at the end that the story will continue in another book. Let's get into it!

The Current Quarter’s Bible Studies on Genesis.

Lesson 12
Joseph, Prince of Egypt
(Genesis 41-44)
Do you know people who have trouble handling success? When they reach the top they decide to "settle scores" with those who have harmed them on the way up. This week we continue our study of Joseph...
Lesson 11
Joseph, Master of Dreams
(Genesis 37-41)
Have you experienced difficult times in your life and you could not understand why God allowed it? Or, have you experienced difficult times and you understood how your lack of emotional intelligenc...
Lesson 10
(Genesis 32-35)
One GoBible volunteer, Shirley Babienco, posts these lessons on e-Sword modules. (E-Sword is now my primary electronic Bible program.) Shirley wrote to me a few days ago to alert me to the advanced...
Lesson 9
Jacob the Supplanter
(Genesis 25-29)
Have you heard the phrase, "What goes around, comes around?" I have observed in life that wrongs people inflict on others end up being the same kind of wrongs those people suffer at the hands of ot...
Lesson 8
The Promise
(Genesis 22-24)
In our studies leading up to this one we have often considered Abram's failures of faith. The New Testament commends Abram's faith in questionable circumstances, and we think that is good news for ...
Lesson 7
The Covenant With Abraham
(Genesis 15-19)
Do you doubt God’s promises to you? Does your doubt make you feel bad about yourself? Our study this week reveals that a man praised for his faith in God’s promises was in reality someone who wres...
Lesson 6
The Roots of Abraham
(Genesis 12-14)
Many times recently I’ve read that younger adults are gripped with anxiety and fear. We normally fear the unknown. Our study this week is about a man who has every natural reason to be filled with f...
Lesson 5
All Nations and Babel
Humans began again in this lesson. The flood has destroyed all humans except Noah’s family which entered into the ark. The reason for the destruction of humans was that they were in constant rebelli...
Lesson 4
The Flood
(Genesis 6 & 7)
Introduction: We all face small frustrations from time to time. I know some who faced a lifetime of frustration. Our study this week is about an extremely frustrating situation for God. Things are not...
Lesson 3
Cain and His Legacy
(Genesis 4)
Cain’s story is heartbreaking. If you are a parent, or you plan to be a parent, you have great hopes and dreams for your children. If they fail, you might blame yourself. God is the Creator-father o...
Lesson 2
The Fall
(Genesis 3)
Have you noticed that there are “types” of personalities? By that I mean people tend to fall within certain categories of thinking about life and living. My belief is that Satan is a master on thi...
Lesson 1
The Creation
(Genesis 1 & 2)
Genesis explains how humans began. This history is of extraordinary importance in making decisions on how we should best live today. If, as science vainly argues, humans (and everything else) came abo...

Emotional Intelligence

Can the Bible help you get promoted at work? Can the Bible increase your pay? Can the Bible help you keep your job? Improve your marriage? The answer is “Yes!” The Bible teaches principles of “emotional intelligence” that can actually help you to be smarter and get along better. Bruce Cameron, the writer of these Bible studies and a law professor, has published a paper written for lawyers which presents 17 Bible-based rules of emotional intelligence which God gave us to improve our lives. Best of all, Professor Cameron’s paper is free and you do not have to be a lawyer to understand it. To get your free copy, first click on this link. Second, when you see the title of the paper (EI, EI, Oh What an Employee), click on the “One-Click Download” and the paper will download to your computer as a PDF. If you have friends who want to read the paper, have them go to the website and download it as well.