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Lesson 5: The Stranger in Your Gates (Deuteronomy 10, Mark 12, Deuteronomy 24) — “NIMBY” is an acronym that casts light on insufficient thinking, hypocrisy, and in some cases our failure to treat others in a way consistent with the teachings of the Bible. So what is NIMBY? It stands for “Not in my backyard.” A NIMBY would say “I fully support low-cost housing for the poor, I fully support generating electricity from windmills, but I completely oppose the low-cost housing and the windmills being located in my neighborhood! Let’s dive into our Bibles and see what it teaches us about the weakest members of society, and then let’s test our hearts and our minds with a logical application of that teaching! More...



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Emotional Intelligence

Can the Bible help you get promoted at work? Can the Bible increase your pay? Can the Bible help you keep your job? Improve your marriage? The answer is "Yes!" The Bible teaches principles of "emotional intelligence" that can actually help you to be smarter and get along better. Bruce Cameron, the writer of these Bible studies and a law professor, has published a paper written for lawyers which presents 17 Bible-based rules of emotional intelligence which God gave us to improve our lives. Best of all, Professor Cameron's paper is free and you do not have to be a lawyer to understand it. To get your free copy, first click on this link. Second, when you see the title of the paper (EI, EI, Oh What an Employee), click on the "One-Click Download" and the paper will download to your computer as a PDF. If you have friends who want to read the paper, have them go to the website and download it as well.