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Lesson 8: Unity in Faith (Matthew 25, Hebrews 6 & 8, Acts 4) — When I think about those who are currently my close friends in and outside the church, their views are very similar to mine. However close our agreement, in each case there is also at least one area of disagreement. An exception is my wife, and even with her I can think of a topic on which we might disagree, but, of course, I would have the wrong opinion. Sometimes we do not realize the extent of disagreement with friends because we only have superficial discussions. This past weekend, a friend of mine was greatly surprised by my views and I was surprised by his. The discussion made me feel bad and consider whether we should have stuck to superficial subjects. The old saying is that "iron sharpens iron." Isn't disagreement helpful in shaping your thought? Or, should we avoid discussing areas of disagreement? Let's jump into our study and see if the Bible sheds any light on this issue! More...

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Emotional Intelligence

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