Introduction: The last two weeks we studied how sin entered the
universe and our world. This week we turn our attention to the first
chapter of our escape from sin and eternal death. Why would God
decide to redeem us? What began our way out of sin? We learned
something in the last two weeks about how to avoid sin based on how
sin entered the universe and the world. What can we learn about
righteousness based on how God gave us a way out of sin? Let’s dive
into our study of the Bible and learn more about the thoughts of God!

  1. Our Present Position

    1. Read Romans 3:10-12. What is our condition? Are we able to
      do better than Adam and Eve and stay out of trouble? (No!
      No one is righteous. All sin.)

    2. Read Romans 3:19-20. If you asked most people, they would
      think that they lived a pretty good life. On what basis
      would they make that claim? (Most people base their claim
      on some sort of standard. They are “good people” because
      they have not been arrested, or they treat others

      1. Is that what you think about your life?

      2. What does this text say about thinking we are good
        based on the standard of the Ten Commandments?

      3. There are only Ten Commandments, how difficult can it
        be to keep them?

      4. When we read Romans 3:20, what do we learn is God’s
        purpose in having the Ten Commandments? (We are told
        that no one will be saved by keeping the Ten
        Commandments, no one is “good enough” through their
        own actions. At least one purpose of the Ten
        Commandments is to show the true (sinful) nature of
        our hearts. When we really understand what it means
        to keep the law (see Matthew 5:21-22 and Matthew
        5:27-28), we will simply learn how unrighteous we

  2. Hope of Glory

    1. If we cannot come up to God’s standard by our efforts to
      keep His law, what hope is there for us?

    2. Read Romans 5:1-2. What is “the hope of the glory of God?”
      (Hint: it gives us joy!)

      1. Does it have something to do with faith and grace?
        (The glory of God must mean to be in God’s presence.
        Grace and faith are keys to this access.)

      2. What role does Jesus play in this hope of the glory
        of God? ( Romans 5:1 tells us “through our Lord Jesus
        Christ” we are able to “stand” in grace. Having
        grace from God gives us hope that we will be with Him
        in glory. This is a promise of heaven. We take hold
        of this promise by faith in Jesus.)

      3. What does this hope in Jesus give us? (It gives us
        (v.1) “peace with God” and (v.2) a cause for

    3. Read Romans 5:3-4. Notice this list of bad things. Do bad
      things end up in hope? Why does this string of things end
      up in hope?

      1. Why even talk about these bad things when the subject
        is rejoicing in God’s presence? (The reality of life
        is that we face difficult problems from time to

      2. Do you find it to be true in your life – that
        suffering causes you to hope? (It seems to say that
        the good thing about bad things is that they sharpen
        our hope if we remain faithful. Realizing how we fall
        short of God’s standards brings us to the point of
        realizing that we must trust the grace and peace
        offered to us through Jesus.)

  3. The Rescue Plan

    1. Read Romans 5:6. Given out condition, when and why did God
      decide that Jesus should rescue us? (The Bible says “at
      just the right time. The “why” is that we were “powerless”
      – we desperately needed the help.)

      1. Read Ephesians 1:4-6. When did God decide on this
        plan? Was it after He saw what a mess Satan and
        humans had made of things? (This tells us that God
        had this plan in mind before the world was created!)

      2. Does this mean that God created us knowing that we
        would make a mess of things (we were powerless)and He
        would have to clean it up? (It is hard to reach any
        other conclusion.)

    2. Read Romans 5:7-8. What motivated God to engage in this
      kind of extraordinary conduct for humans who had turned
      away from Him?(Love. God did something none of us would
      do. He did it because He has a love that is superior to
      anything we can imagine. God did not wait until we became
      good or righteous or worthy.)

      1. Do you know someone who stays away from church
        because they are not “good enough?” What does this
        text say to them?

    3. Read Romans 8:32. Romans 5:7-8 told us God’s sacrifice for
      us is remarkable. What does Romans 8:32 add to that
      thought? (Not only is Jesus’ sacrifice for us remarkable,
      but it shows that He loves us more than anything! This
      means God will not withhold any good thing from us. The
      “why” of the rescue plan is that God loves us. Amazing!)

    4. Read Romans 8:33-34. What else does Jesus do for us?
      (Jesus is in heaven interceding for us. Just as in the
      time of ancient Israel, when the High Priest on the Day of
      Atonement interceded for the people, so Jesus now
      intercedes for us in the heavenly sanctuary.

      1. So we have a full understanding of the cast of
        players: Who is it that brings charges against us?
        Who condemns us? ( Revelation 12:10 tells us our
        accuser has been “hurled down.” Two weeks ago we
        studied Revelation 12:9 and determined that the party
        hurled down was Satan. The one who brought us into
        sin has been defeated, but he still brings charges
        against us!)

      2. What happens to your hope when people condemn you and
        bring charges against you?

      3. Who wins in the controversy between Jesus and Satan?
        (The “hurled down” text tells us that Satan is on the
        canvas. Satan is on the ground and Jesus is the
        winner. The charges and accusations against us go the
        same way as the accuser.)

    1. Look at Romans 8:34 again. Why does Jesus win for us?
      (This verse tells us our Intercessor has the ear of God.
      He is at the right hand of the Father. Jesus followed the
      loving heavenly plan and lived, died, was resurrected for
      us. He now has a special place by the Father where He puts
      in a good word for us. A good word to the Father who
      already loves us. I like this plan!)

    2. Read Romans 8:35. It asks “Who shall separate us from the
      love of God?” What can cause us to lose out on God’s plan
      and God’s fulfillment of His part of the plan?

      1. This text gives several possible causes for
        separating us from God’s love. What do all of these
        causes have in common? (They are all bad. But, more
        than that, they all have an external source. They
        come from outside us.)

      2. As you consider the various possible causes for
        separation, what does that suggest about the answer
        to the question in verse 35? (That nothing external
        can separate us from God’s love. This suggests that
        we are the only one who can separate our self from
        God’s love.)

    3. Read Romans 8:37. Who gives us the victory over all of
      these external problems? (Jesus makes us “more than

      1. Do you feel like a conqueror?

    4. Conquerors sometimes find that with time they lose their
      ability to win over their opponents. Read Romans 8:38-39.
      What gives us hope and confidence that will not happen to
      us? (It tells us nothing in all creation will be powerful
      enough to separate us from God. Praise God!)

    5. Friend, do you see why God intervened to save you? His
      love is beyond our imagination. Although day to day live
      may cause you to face trouble, if you decide to accept
      Jesus’ sacrifice and His victory for you, there is nothing
      in all creation that can separate you from His love. Why
      not decide to accept Him right now?

  1. Next week: Atonement Announced.