Introduction: The title of our lesson this weeks sounds like the
title of a science fiction book. The story is fantastic, but it is
not fiction. Instead, it is a parable of the history of salvation.
Let’s jump into Revelation 12 and see what we can learn.

  1. The Woman

    1. Read Revelation 12:1. We have this “great and wondrous”
      “billboard” in the sky according to Revelation. Have you
      ever seen a billboard by the road and wondered what it
      meant? (This is an advertising technique these days. We
      see ads that say, “Want to have an M-life?” and we wonder
      what an “M-life” is that we should want it. It gets our

      1. Now that Revelation 12:1 has your attention, what do
        you understand this great heavenly billboard to mean?
        (Let’s break it down.)

        1. What do you think could be meant by the sun
          clothing the woman? (Light generally refers to
          God and His righteousness. See, for example,
          John 1:7)

        2. How about the moon? What do you think it
          represents? (The moon reflects the sun. I have
          the picture in my mind of someone standing on a
          mirror with a strong light shining down from
          above. This woman is just surrounded by light.
          Our lesson (Sunday) has the interesting
          suggestion that the heavens are used to
          determine seasons. Thus, the Moon may also
          suggest a new era on earth.)
        1. We also have stars on our billboard. What could
          the stars represent? ( Philippians 2:15 tells us
          that we should shine like stars.)

          1. Why twelve stars? (God’s people were
            divided into twelve tribes. Jesus had
            twelve disciples. Twelve is an important
            number in the Bible. See Revelation 21:12-14.)

      1. So far we haven’t talked about the main figure in
        this sign. What does the woman represent? (The woman
        can collectively represent God’s people – His church.
        See 2 Corinthians 11:2. This woman is bathed with
        light and has at her feet and on her head things (the
        moon and stars) that reflect light. Since we are to
        reflect the light of God, this sounds like us –
        members of God’s church.)

    1. Read Revelation 12:2&5. Who is this son that was born to
      the woman? (Verse 5 leaves no doubt that this is Jesus.)

      1. How do you explain that the Church gave birth to
        Jesus? Does that make any sense? Didn’t Mary give
        birth to Jesus? (If we say that the woman represents
        God’s people at that time – Israel – then Jesus was
        literally born of an Israelite woman (Mary) and born
        of the nation of Israel.)

  1. The Dragon

    1. Read Revelation 12:3-4. We have another heavenly
      billboard – this one a lot scarier. What is on this
      billboard? (A dragon of unusual size with a lot of heads
      and horns.)

      1. This dragon is red. I used to own a red Mustang and
        my wife now owns a red Corvette. Does this mean this
        dragon is sporty? (Verse 4 suggests the dragon is a
        killer. Therefore, “red” may symbolize blood and
        refer to its willingness to kill.)

      2. Why do you think the dragon has seven heads? (Seven
        is the perfect or complete number in the Bible. That
        may mean this dragon is perfectly evil.)

      3. What plan does the dragon have for the child? (It
        wants to kill Jesus, the child.)

      4. Who do you nominate as the individual represented by
        the dragon? (It seems to be Satan. Revelation 12:9
        confirms this identification.)

      5. One last feature of this dragon. Its tail sweeps a
        third of the stars from the sky. We just spoke about
        the stars representing people. Is that what they
        represent here?

        1. If not, why do you have two different
          definitions of “stars?” (Let’s look at a couple
          of texts. Daniel 8:10 and Isaiah 14:12-13.)

          1. Who has been cast down in Isaiah? (Satan)

          2. Notice that in Isaiah we find Satan
            referred to as a “morning star.” Does that
            help you determine what is meant by
            “stars?” (I think “stars” refers to God’s
            followers. The “stars” in Revelation 12:4
            are stars that live in the “sky.”

            Logically, these refer to God’s followers
            in heaven – angels. The “stars” in
            Revelation 12:1 are connected with God’s
            church – so they are God’s followers here
            on earth.)

          3. Does that make you a “star?”

        2. What is the significance of Satan sweeping a
          third of the “stars” from heaven? (Read
          Revelation 12:7-9. These next verses make clear
          that a terrible thing happened in heaven. Satan
          was able to take with him one-third of the
          angels of heaven.)

          1. All right, star. What danger does this
            suggest to you? (If Satan can deceive
            those “stars” who lived in heaven with
            God, we need to be alert and prepared by
            studying our Bible.)

  2. The Child

    1. We have already identified the child as Jesus. Let’s look
      at Revelation 12:4-5 again and focus on the discussion of
      this child.

      1. What significance do you find in Jesus being born of
        this woman? (This “links” Jesus to us. As we
        discussed above, the symbol of the woman can cover
        both God’s people collectively as well as Mary, the
        mother of Jesus. The “good news” for us is that Jesus
        has forever linked Himself to us.)

      2. How did Satan try to kill Jesus when He was born?
        (Matthew 2 recounts how the Magi told King Herod
        about the prophecy concerning Jesus and the star that
        pointed them to the place of His birth. Herod decided
        one king was enough, and that would be him, so tried
        to kill Jesus by ordering that all baby boys, two
        years and younger, were to be killed. This gives you
        a clear insight into the character of Satan.)

      3. How do you explain the reference in verse 5 to Jesus
        being “snatched” up to God and His throne? ( Acts 1:9
        is part of the account of Jesus ascending to heaven.)

    2. We have figured out the pieces. Let’s put this picture
      together. What does all of this mean? (It means there was
      this huge battle between God and Satan. God beat Satan in
      the battle over heaven. God then sent His Son who then
      beat Satan in the battle over earth. Just in case we did
      not understand the parable in these heavenly “billboards,”
      God sets it out for us in Revelation 12:7-11.)

  3. The Consequences

    1. Read Revelation 12:12. Why does the text say “Woe” to us
      earthlings? I thought Jesus beat Satan in the battle for
      the earth?

      1. If Jesus did beat Satan, what do we have to worry
        about? (Jesus did beat Satan. However, Satan is not
        being a gentleman about it and going quietly.
        Instead, he is rather upset about losing and is
        taking it out on us.)

      2. Did you notice that Satan is a “clock-watcher?” What
        is the good news for us in that? (Satan understands
        there is limited time for him. The text says “his
        time is short.” That means there is just a limited
        amount of time before God finally wraps everything up
        and takes us to heaven with Him. That is good news
        for us living with a surly dragon neighbor.)

    2. Read Revelation 12:17 How do we know if we are in the
      “line of fire?” (Satan is at war with those who obey God’s
      commandments and who believe and testify that Jesus is

      1. Is it good or bad to have the dragon coming after us?
        (The good news is this means we are on God’s side.
        The side that has defeated Satan and has given him
        only a limited time to continue.)

    3. Friend, the dragon has been defeated. His is still
      dangerous, but he cannot win. In this battle, whose side
      will you chose to be on? Do you want to be a winner or a
      loser? If you want to be a winner, believe Jesus is Lord
      and obey God’s commandments.

  4. Next Week: The Dragon Versus the Remnant – Part 1