Introduction: Silly scientists. They keep making failed predictions
about the end of the world. When one prediction turns out to be
wrong, they make another based on some different event. When I was
young, they predicted an ice age where life would freeze. When I was
old, they predicted global warming where life would burn up. They
must be an ignorant and easily led faith group to keep predicting
things that have never happened in recorded history. Wait! Isn’t
that what they say about Christians? That we keep predicting the
end of the world because we are ignorant and easily led? Are we
exactly the same as the silly scientists? Let’s plunge into our
study of the Bible and find out!

  1. History Repeats Itself

    1. Read Acts 1:1-2 and Acts 1:6-11. What did the angels
      promise to the disciples? (That Jesus would come back.)

      1. Our scientist friends predict an end that has never
        before been part of recorded history. How are
        Christians different? (Jesus came from heaven to
        earth. This is part of recorded history. The angels
        promised that Jesus would do it a second time, He
        would return.)

    2. Read 2 Peter 3:3-7. What challenge is this Bible text
      answering? (How can we know that Jesus will come again
      since it has been a long time since He left?)

      1. What answer is given? (Historical proof!)

      2. What historical proof does the Bible give in support
        of Jesus’ Second Coming? (1. Jesus created the
        world. Therefore, He has both the power and the
        interest to return. 2. God destroyed His creation in
        the Flood. 3. This is further proof that God will
        return and destroy evil and this world.)

        1. Notice the phrase “deliberately forget.” Is
          that true of scoffers today? Do those who deny
          the Creation and the Flood also deny the Second

    3. Read 2 Peter 3:8-9. What explanation do we have for the
      timing of Jesus’ Second Coming?

    4. Let’s go back to Acts 1. What are the disciples asking
      about in Acts 1:6? (They want to know if Jesus is going
      to throw off Roman rule.)

      1. What does this show us? (That the disciples still
        did not fully understand Jesus’ first coming.)

        1. What lesson should that teach us? (We have the
          promise of Jesus’ Second Coming, we have the
          proof of His first coming, but we need to be
          concerned that we might not have a correct
          understanding of it all.)

        2. From the verses we have studied, what can we
          know about Jesus’ Second coming? ( Acts 1:11:
          Jesus went into the sky and disappeared in a
          cloud. At the Second Coming He will arrive in a
          cloud and descend from the sky. 2 Peter 3: We
          have a great deal of recorded evidence showing
          that God has the power and the interest to do

    5. Read John 14:1-3. What important point does Jesus make
      about His Second Coming? (This is Jesus’ personal
      assurance that He will return. When He returns it will
      be to take us to heaven.)

    6. Read 1 Corinthians 11:26. Is the Second Coming a minor
      teaching of Christianity? (No. God attaches reminders to
      those things He considers to be of special importance.
      The Sabbath is a reminder that He is our Creator.
      Communion is a reminder that He died for our sins and
      rose from the grave. God instructs us to keep reminding
      ourselves of this until He returns. That in turn reminds
      us of His promised return.)

  2. The Test

    1. Read Matthew 24:1-3. Did the disciples ask Jesus one or
      two questions? (Jesus had just described the destruction
      of the temple in Jerusalem. The disciples thought that
      when this happened, the world would end. They thought
      they were asking one question, but we know they were
      asking two.)

    2. Read Matthew 24:4-5. What is the first thing that Jesus
      tells us about His Second Coming? (That there will be

    3. Read Matthew 24:23-25. What does Jesus warn us about?
      (That one of these impostors, a false Christ, will
      perform great miracles and signs.)

    4. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:1-4. What will precede the return
      of Jesus? (An anti-Christ will come to impersonate God!)

    5. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:9-12. Who is one of these
      imposters? (The “lawless one.” This is an agent of Satan
      who will perform “counterfeit miracles, signs and

    6. Read Matthew 24:26-27 and Revelation 1:7. How can we
      absolutely tell the true Second Coming of Jesus from the
      false coming of the anti-Christ? (Jesus’ coming will be a
      world-wide event seen in the sky by “every eye” at the
      same time. It will be like lightning around the globe.)

    7. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. What other unmistakable
      signs will we see? (The dead in Christ will come alive
      and rise. The believers who are alive will meet Jesus in
      the air.)

      1. Is Jesus going to be hanging around the earth? (No.)

    8. Read 2 Thessalonians 2:8. Does the counterfeit Jesus, the
      anti-Christ, hang around on the earth? (Yes. It appears
      that Jesus comes soon after the counterfeit comes. The
      counterfeit is destroyed by the spender and power of

    9. Let’s review. How can we know Jesus’ Second Coming from
      Satan’s counterfeit? (If someone claims to be Jesus, but
      it is not seen by everyone world-wide, if the dead are
      not raised, and if we do not meet our Lord in the air to
      go to heaven, then we know this is not Jesus, it is a

  3. The Future For The Faithful

    1. Read Revelation 21:1. What happens after the righteous
      are taken to heaven? (Jesus creates a new earth.)

      1. What is different about the new earth? (It no longer
        has seas. I’ve read that about 70% of the earth is
        covered by water.)

        1. What does this explanation suggest? (It
          suggests two things. That the earth will in
          other respects be recognizable. However, the
          added 70% means that the places for humans to
          live will be greatly expanded. I read a book
          which suggested that on the earth made new we
          will recognize places that we presently know.)

    2. Read Revelation 21:2-4. When Jesus came the second time,
      He took the righteous to heaven. What is happening here?
      (This makes perfect sense. The saved go to heaven, and
      Jesus destroys and rebuilds the earth and its heavens.
      Then the New Jerusalem comes down from heaven, along with
      God and us. Thereafter we will all live on the new
      earth. The earth made new will be the governing center
      of the universe, for God is dwelling with us! If you want
      to read a description of the New Jerusalem, read
      Revelation 21:10-21.)

    3. Read Revelation 22:1-3. The statement that we would no
      longer have any sea worried me a bit because I’m a guy
      who likes water. What kind of water do we find in the
      earth made new? (Apparently God likes water too, for He
      has water flowing out of His throne!)

    4. Read Revelation 22:4-5. What do you look forward to the
      most about the earth made new? (Being with God!)

    5. Friend, what a wonderful glimpse into our future! We all
      make predictions about the future. The difference
      between us and the silly scientists is that we have
      history on our side. Our God came to earth as a human.
      Our God created the earth and destroyed the earth. Our
      God promised that He would come again, take us to heaven,
      destroy the old earth, and then create a new one in which
      we would live with Him forever! I like that promise a
      lot more than the prediction of a coming ice age or
      global warming. How about you – would you like to have
      heaven in your future? Why not right now repent and
      confess to God your sins, and ask Jesus for the robe of
      righteousness that He is willing to give to you?

  4. Next week: We start a new series on Evangelism.