Introduction: Are you optimistic about the future? I’m
reading a book by Jonathan Cahn entitled “The Return of the
Gods.” Cahn argues that the pagan gods which were dominant
during the Old Testament and whose followers created so many
problems for the early Christian Church were banished by the
rise of Christianity. For more than two hundred years they
and their temples have been out of business. Now, with the
decline of Christianity in the West, they are making a
comeback. Of course, an idol made by human hands is nothing.
Consider, however, when Satan’s supernatural followers
decide to use these idols, these gods, for their own
purposes. This clash is a critical part of the cosmic
conflict between good and evil. Let’s jump into our study of
the Bible and learn more!

I. Satan Falls

A. Read Revelation 12:7-9. What is the hometown of
Satan and his angels? (Heaven! They all started
out in heaven.)

1. What is the reason for the conflict? (We are
not told in these verses. We will consider
that later.)

2. Who seems to have initiated the battle?
(Michael and the good angels. Why? Because the
text says that the dragon and his angels
fought back.)

3. Who won? (Michael and his angels defeated
Satan and his angels.)

4. What resulted from this defeat? (Satan and his
angels were banished to earth.)

5. Why earth of all places? (Humans agreed to
turn their allegiance over to Satan. See
Genesis 3.)

B. Read Revelation 12:3-4. What do you think is
represented by the “stars of heaven?” (Note that
they are cast to earth. This is precisely what we
just read happened to Satan (called the dragon)
and his followers. Thus, we should understand that
these stars are fallen angels.)

1. What additional information are we given about
this terrible battle in heaven? (It tells us
that a third of the angels rebelled. Michael
had twice the number of angels on his side.)

C. Read Isaiah 14:12-14. This connects Satan’s
expulsion from heaven to the reason for it. Why
was Satan cast out of heaven? What caused the
battle to take place? (It was pride. It was
treason. Satan wanted to make himself like God.)

1. When we decide that we will accept some parts
of the Bible and reject others because we
“know better,” is that putting ourselves in
the place of God?

II. The Woman and the Child

A. Read Revelation 12:1-2. When the text says this is
a “sign,” what does that mean? (A sign tells you
about some reality. A McDonald’s restaurant sign
tells you that an actual restaurant in near.)

1. What is this sign about? (Read Isaiah 54:5-6.
God’s people are symbolized by a woman.)

B. Read Revelation 12:5. Who is this “male child?”
(Jesus. Israel was God’s chosen people and Jesus’
mother was Jewish. That causes the “mother”
reference to make sense. This must be a reference
to the birth of Jesus on earth. His incarnation
and His return to heaven.)

C. We have previously discovered that the dragon and
his followers are Satan and fallen angels who have
been banished to earth. Now add verse six: read
Revelation 12:5-6. What does that tell us about
the battle? (That it continued on earth. And Satan
kept losing on earth.)

1. What is the significance of that to us today?
(Read Hebrews 1:2-3 and Hebrews 1:8. Hebrews
tells us that Jesus made purification for our
sins! It appears that the iron rod referred to
in Revelation 12:5 is His “scepter of
uprighteousness” referred to in Hebrews 1:8.
This not only reinforces righteousness by
faith alone, it tells us that the power of
God’s kingdom is the righteousness promoted by
His law.)

a. What does that teach us today as the
ancient gods return to our society? (We
depend on Jesus for our righteousness. We
understand we cannot perfectly keep the
law. On the other hand, our weakness does
not prevent us from holding up the law of
God as the perfect standard for life.)

III. Victory

A. Read Revelation 12:10. What is the first thing
mentioned that should give us joy in victory?
(Salvation. Jesus’ victory gives us salvation if
we accept Him.)

1. What else accrues to us through Jesus’
victory? (The power of God’s kingdom, the
authority of Jesus (as Victor), and the defeat
of our accuser.)

2. What do you think the statement that our
accuser has been “thrown down” means with
regard to his accusations? Does he no longer
have God’s ear to make accusations against us?
(It sounds like Satan no longer has a platform
in heaven to accuse us before God. However,
the matter is complicated when you think about
Job 1:6-9. The context tells us that this
conversation took place after Satan was cast
to earth, but apparently Satan still had the
opportunity to accuse Job before God.)

B. Read Zechariah 3:1-2. What does this tell us about
Satan’s ability to accuse us before God? (He was
still doing it during Old Testament times.)

C. Read John 12:31-32 and compare Philippians 2:9-11.
What does this tell us about the timing of Satan’s
total exclusion from heaven? (Jesus defeated sin
at the cross and replaced Satan as the ruler of
the world. Indeed, Jesus became the ruler of the
entire universe. Satan no longer could claim that
he was the ruler of the world and that ended his
authority to enter heaven and accuse us.)

1. If Satan’s ability to accuse us before God is
impaired now, what do you think he is doing?
Is he out of the accusation business? (He is
accusing us through pagans. He is accusing us
through fellow Christians. He is accusing us
in our mind.)

a. What is the answer? (He is defeated!
Jesus won our victory for us.)

IV. The Battle Continues

A. Read again Revelation 12:10-11. What is the key
for claiming Jesus’ victory? (We point to the
cross. We point to what God has done for us. We
act like this is not our only life.)

B. Read Revelation 12:12. How is Satan taking his

C. Read Revelation 12:17. Who is targeted by Satan?
(Those who keep God’s commandments and who point
to Jesus as the source of salvation.)

1. How would you expect pagans to act given the
attitude of their leader? (This verse says
that Satan is “furious” and what he has in
mind is “war.”)

2. Do we see this today? (United States Court of
Appeals Judge Stuart Kyle Duncan, who teaches
with me at Regent law school, was invited to
speak at one of the top law schools in the
United States. A student mob hurled insults at
the judge as he attempted to speak. Judge
Duncan reports one protester said, “I hope
your daughters get raped.” Is this anything
other than demonic?)

D. Jesus won the victory over Satan and his fallen
angels. The war has been won. But, we still must
contend with the sullen losers and their human
allies. How should we respond to them? (Read
Luke 23:34. Jesus’ example is to forgive them. Although
it is too late for Satan and his fallen angels, it
is not too late for his human allies. Consider the
case of students that I just mentioned, how many
of you view things in a different light then you
did when you were young?)

E. Friend, Jesus won! Our side won! The old gods may
be returning, but their cause is lost. If you have
not yet made a firm decision why not, right now,
claim the victory of Jesus and become a winner?

V. Next week: A Moment of Destiny.

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