Introduction: Let’s look at Revelation 14:7 from yet another
angle. We have discussed our Creator God, the hour of His
judgment, and worshiping God based on His work of Creation.
This time we consider how our view of Jesus as our Creator
changes our life in positive ways. At the same time
rejecting Him as Creator brings negative results. In our
study so far we have assumed that the message of Revelation
14:7 dealt with the final judgment. What if the judgment
begins at the point where we reject a Creator God? Let’s
plunge into our study of the Bible and learn more!

I. God With Us

A. Read Revelation 4:9-11. In heaven we are told that
leaders, the “twenty-four elders,” give God their
allegiance. What is their reason? (He is the
Creator God.)

1. Does that surprise you? Why not worship
because He saved us from our sins?

B. Read Matthew 28:20. What message of comfort does
Jesus give us? (That He will be with us until the
end of the world.)

1. How much different would your view of “God
with us” be if you thought that we came into
being by a slow process of chance and natural
selection? (That picture would give us the
impression that God is an absentee landlord.
He keeps His hands off the world.)

C. In Matthew 13 Jesus tells a story about a farmer
sowing seed to illustrate faith in God. Read
Matthew 13:19-21. What is the fundamental problem
with the faith of these joyful converts? (Neither
group has a deep understanding of our relationship
with God. When trouble or temptation come they
give up.)

1. Is the proper view of a Creator God part of
the misunderstanding in these Matthew 13
examples? (Likely. We are much better equipped
to withstand pressure and temptation if we
believe that God is intimately involved in our
life. An absentee landlord gives no feeling of
assurance. Plus, a Creator God is a powerful

II. A Progressive Judgment

A. Read Romans 1:16-17. When Romans tells us that the
righteous shall live by faith, do you think it is
talking only about our method of salvation? (I
think this is bigger picture. Note the idea of
progressive faith (“revealed from faith for
faith”). Our faith in God gives us additional
faith. This is talking about practical living.)

B. Read Romans 1:18 and Ephesians 5:6. What do you
think is meant by the “wrath of God?”

1. How does this compare to Revelation 14:7? (I
think this is the same concept. Those who
reject the Creator God face judgment. They
face God’s wrath.)

a. When does this judgment or wrath begin?

C. Read Romans 1:19-20. What is the first error of
the ungodly and the unrighteous? (They reject a
Creator God.)

1. How obvious is it that God created the world?
(Romans says “Look around you. Use some common

2. This text also says those who reject the
Creation account are “without excuse.” Does
that seem right to you? (I’m sure there are
many who would mount a scientific argument
against creation and in favor of evolution.)

3. If scientists have arguments they think are
sufficient to reject the Creation account, how
do you think a Creator God would react to
that? (I think He would show scientists a
deeper view. That has happened and is now
happening. For example, scientists now
understand that the “Big Bang” theory required
so many factors to be exactly right that the
idea of this being guided by chance is
preposterous. Recent discoveries regarding DNA
show the scientific basis for the Biblical
creation and a “young earth.” See, N.T.
Jeanson, Replacing Darwin, (Master Books

D. Read Romans 1:21. Is this reaction just the
opposite of Revelation 14:7?

1. Notice what happens to their thinking and
their attitudes. Is this the result of
judgment? Is this an application of the wrath
of God? (That seems to be precisely what is
happening. Rejecting God clouds your thinking
and your judgment.)

E. Read Romans 1:22-23. What is the specific result
of their foolishness? (They traded God’s glory for
glory to images that look like humans and

1. What do you think Romans had in mind? (In that
day the obvious reference is idol worship.
These are the pagan gods of the day.)

2. What is the foundational logical error with
idol worship? (Humans created them with their
hands. Why would you worship something you, a
mere human, created?)

3. What is the application of that same error
today? (Human theories. No scientist I know is
bowing down to an idol, but most are bowing
down to books and theories created by humans
that reject the Creation account. You must bow
down to this idol to be accepted as a science
professor in the schools of the world and be
allowed to publish and achieve tenure.)

F. Read Romans 1:24-25. How is judgment revealed
here? How is God’s wrath applied? (God stops
restraining, through His Holy Spirit, their impure

1. Have we seen this judgment in the United
States and the West? (I’m only knowledgeable
about the U.S., but beginning around 1960 the
sexual norms which had previously reflected
Biblical teachings started to dramatically
change. Sex that did not accord with God’s
original plan became common. See Genesis 2.)

G. Read Romans 1:26-27. What the next step in the
application of God’s wrath, His judgment? (God’s
Holy Spirit further released the restraints (“gave
them up”) so that homosexual acts became much more

H. Read Romans 1:28. What is at the root of this
darkening of human reasoning and sexual activity?
(“They did not see fit to acknowledge God.”)

1. Do you see that in your world today?
(Absolutely. The authority of the Bible is
under attack. God’s account of our origins is
under attack.)

2. Are churches and ministers under pressure
today to abandon the teachings of the Bible on
origins and sexual purity? (It is not just
ministers in a traditional sense who are under
attack. If you are someone who promotes the
world view of the Bible you are in danger of
losing your job in the secular workplace.)

I. Let’s just step back a moment because I’m sure
many readers are saying, “That explains much of
what is wrong with the world.” Is this something
that Christians can change? (If this is judgment,
if this is the imposition of God’s wrath, that
makes changing what is happening much more

1. Look again at Romans 1:24. This says God “gave
them up.” God let them choose wrath. They are
not thinking clearly because Romans 1:21 tells
us that their thinking is “futile” and their
hearts “darkened.” Is there a cure for this
that we might apply? (The only possible cure
is conversion. Presenting them with the truth
about our Creator God.)

a. Is this our mission as part of
Revelation 14:7, the First Angels’ message? (If our
work is presenting the Three Angels
Messages found in Revelation 14, then
this is our message: Fear and worship our
Creator God. Do this and your brain will
start to function normally.)

J. Read Romans 1:29-31. What kind of people are being

1. Notice that they show “malice,” “murder,”
“strife,” “maliciousness,” and are “haters of
God.” Should you be surprised at the
antagonism that is shown to Christians today?
(This progression into a malicious evil mind
is the result of judgment. It is the result of
God’s wrath. A wrath that naturally descends
upon a person who rejects God and follows his
own course.)

K. Read Romans 1:32. Will the world approve of
practices that bring death? What about church

L. Friend, if the Three Angels Messages are your
message, will you use them to explain the crazy
and terrible things going on in our world? Why not
ask the Holy Spirit to give you guidance in doing
just that?

III. Next week: The Sabbath and the End.

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