Introduction: Do you recall being pulled over by the police because
you were violating the traffic laws? How did you feel? A car followed
me very closely while I was driving to church, even though I was
traveling the speed limit. We were going through a residential area
and the road was hilly and wide. As I crested a hill, I saw the top
of a police car up ahead. Without reducing my speed, I pulled over
to the right just enough so that the car behind me could pass, even
though passing was illegal. It zoomed around me, crested the hill,
and then saw the police car which promptly pulled it over for
speeding. How would you feel if you were me? These are the two faces
of judgment. We don’t want to be judged, but we want law breakers,
especially those who are troubling us, to face judgment. Jesus’
Second Coming is a time of mixed feelings. Let’s explore what the
Bible has to say about it!

  1. Facing the Second Coming

    1. Read Isaiah 13:6-9. What emotion overtakes sinners when
      Jesus returns? (They are terrorized.)

      1. Why? (These verses say that they face death.)

      2. Only once in my life have I thought that I would
        likely die in the next few minutes. My hands did not
        go limp and I did not writhe on the floor. Instead, I
        worked on a way to save the lives of my children. You
        would do the same, I’m not claiming to be especially
        brave. If you and I think we would face death calmly,
        how do you explain the reaction of the wicked?
        (Christians face death with the promise of eternal
        life when Jesus comes again. However, I think there
        is more to this kind of terror. I don’t know if this
        kind of reaction comes from guilt or surprise that
        God intervenes.)

      3. Notice that the Bible refers to Jesus’ Second Coming
        as a “cruel day.” Why would God call this great day
        “cruel?” (I don’t think God enjoys judgment. Perhaps
        you were a little uncomfortable with the story I told
        in the introduction.)

    2. Read Matthew 24:30-31. How do the nations react to Jesus’
      Second Coming? (They mourn.)

    3. Read Isaiah 13:10, Isaiah 34:4 and Matthew 24:29. In
      Matthew Jesus recites what Isaiah prophesied about His
      Second Coming. Does this give us another reason for terror
      among the unsaved? (The universe is collapsing. Assuming
      that science continues to make great advances in
      astronomy, humans will have an early warning that
      something terrible is happening light years away in the

    4. Read 2 Thessalonians 1:5-10. What motivates God to
      terrorize and punish the wicked? (God gives relief to His
      people. He gives “pay back” to those who cause suffering.)

      1. Notice the nature of the punishment. What do you find
        interesting about it? (The wicked are described as
        “those who do not know God.” However, being shut out
        of the presence of God and His power is a punishment
        prominently mentioned. I find it interesting that the
        wicked are already punishing themselves by separating
        themselves from God. Everlasting destruction is also

  2. Saved By the Second Coming

    1. Read Revelation 19:11-13. Who is this who makes war based
      on justice? (Read John 1:1-3 and John 1:14. This is Jesus!
      He is the Word of God.)

    2. Read Revelation 19:14-16. Why are the armies of heaven,
      those coming out of the sky, riding horses? Are they
      flying horses? (Time masks our understanding. Horses were
      the cutting edge of military technology. A soldier in a
      chariot pulled by a horse was a fearsome opponent. To
      properly understand the imagery, imagine that the armies
      of heaven have the most advanced means of transportation.
      Think Star Wars!)

      1. Why does a sharp sword come out of Jesus’ mouth?
        (This is another symbol of great power. Genesis 1
        tells us that Jesus spoke the universe into

    3. Read 1 John 2:28. What can our attitude be when Jesus
      comes again? (Confident and unashamed.)

    4. Read Revelation 5:13-14. What is the later reaction of
      those who are saved? (They praise God.)

    5. Read Revelation 7:14-17. What is the result for the saved?
      (They are no longer hungry, thirsty, hot or sad. They
      clearly are not terrorized.)

    6. Read 1 Thessalonians 4:16-18. When we consider Jesus’
      Second Coming, what attitude is natural for the saved?
      (They are encouraged by this promise, they are not

    7. Read 2 Thessalonians 1:10. What else will the saved do
      when Jesus comes? (Marvel at our Lord. We will give glory
      to Him.)

    8. We can see that the Second Coming of Jesus brings two
      radically different reactions, depending on whether you
      are saved or unsaved. Which reaction do you want to have?

  3. All Things New

    1. Read 1 Corinthians 15:42-44. How will our bodies change
      when Jesus comes? (We will be “imperishable,” powerful,
      glorious and spiritual.)

    2. Read Philippians 3:20-21. To what is our new body
      compared? (Our bodies will become like that of Jesus. We
      will have a heavenly body.)

    3. Read 1 Corinthians 15:50-54. This text repeats some of the
      changes to our bodies. What else is changed? (Death is
      defeated. It has no victory or sting. Instead, it has been
      “swallowed up” in immortality and victory for those who
      are saved.)

    4. Read Daniel 2:31-35. What do you think is the rock that
      strikes the feet of the statue? (Read Daniel 2:44-45. The
      rock is the Kingdom of God.)

      1. What is left of the old kingdoms? (They are like
        chaff, they are “swept away without leaving a

    5. Read Revelation 21:1. What has happened to the first
      earth? (It has “passed away.”)

      1. Randy Alcorn has a book named “Heaven,” in which he
        speculates that the earth made new is similar to the
        old earth in that it has the same places. It is not
        exactly the same, it is bigger because of the lack of
        a sea. I like his suggestion about how we can live
        in a glorified version of where we grew up. But, the
        texts we just read make Alcorn’s vision of the new
        earth suspect. What do you think?

    6. Read Revelation 21:2-4. From where does the New Jerusalem
      come? (“Heaven from God.”)

      1. Where does it land? (It lands in the earth made new.)

      2. Where do we live? (We live in the earth made new.)

      3. Where is God headquartered? (God’s new dwelling is in
        the earth made new. He lives with us!)

        1. Why do you think that God comes to the new
          earth to live? (This is the site of the great
          battle and victory over the rebellion. God’s
          victory must be central to the rest of

    7. Read Revelation 21:5. Did God put this promise in writing?

    8. Friend, you can rely on God’s promise. He is coming
      again! His Second Coming will be terrorizing to the
      wicked, but a welcome rescue for those who are faithful.
      Not only will we be rescued, but we will be filled with
      joy and praise that evil is destroyed. All is made new.
      God Himself will live with us. Jesus’ victory over sin,
      and our part in that victory will be celebrated forever!
      Will you choose to be among the righteous? Why not give
      your heart to Jesus right now?

  4. Next week: We begin a new series of lessons on the Book of