Introduction: Last week we learned something glorious: Jesus opened
the scroll that no one else (including our Father in Heaven) was
“worthy” to open. The idea that God the Father was not worthy seemed
ridiculous, until we thought about it a little more. Jesus saved us
eternally by His perfect life, His sacrifice on the cross, and His
resurrection on our behalf. Jesus opened the future for us! This week
we learn more about this scroll and our future. Let’s plunge into our
study of Revelation and learn more!

  1. Opening the Scroll

    1. Let’s revisit Revelation 5:3 by reading it. What does it
      mean to “look inside” the scroll? (Our study this week
      involves looking inside the scroll. We study the future
      made possible by what Jesus has done for us.)

      1. What does this say about the understanding of heaven
        with regard to the outcome of Jesus’ mission here on
        earth? (Taken literally, it means that heaven did not
        know whether Jesus would succeed. The future was
        sealed and only Jesus could open the future to

        1. Does that mean that God the Father did not know
          whether Jesus would succeed? (The answer to
          this is above my level of understanding. This
          raises questions about the omniscience of God
          (God’s knowledge of everything) as well as the
          nature of the Trinity.)

        2. Do you think Satan poured everything he had
          into defeating Jesus at the cross? (No doubt
          Satan’s knowledge of the situation is better
          than our knowledge. If he did his best to make
          Jesus sin, that tells us that he thought he
          could prevail.)

    2. Read Revelation 5:5. The elder tells us that Jesus’
      triumph opens the scroll and the seven seals. Why is that
      true? (By Jesus’ victory, our future is open. God’s
      version of the future, rather than Satan’s version, will
      now play out. Let’s turn to that next.)

  2. First Seal

    1. Read Revelation 6:1-2 and compare Revelation 6:15-16. What
      does this brief comparison of the first and sixth seals
      reveals about the nature of the seals? (These are
      important landmarks in history beginning with Jesus’
      victory at the cross and His Second Coming.)

      1. Compare this with our study of the seven churches?
        (The seven churches revealed a history of the
        Christian church. The seals are a parallel: they
        reflect the conflict between good and evil.)

    2. Look at Revelation 6:1-2 again. Who is this rider? (Read
      Revelation 19:11-13. This is a triumphant Jesus.)

      1. Which triumph is this? (Jesus’ triumph at the cross.
        The later picture of Jesus on a white horse in
        Revelation 19 is a picture of His Second Coming.)

      2. What “conquest” is Jesus undertaking in Revelation
        6:2? (The conversion of humans to His side. Jesus won
        the war against sin and Satan, the battle continues
        for the hearts and minds of humans.)

    3. Read Acts 2:1-3 and Acts 2:40-41. What made this great day
      possible? (The Holy Spirit.)

      1. What do you think is the “bow” of Revelation 6:1?
        (Comparing Acts 2 makes me think it is the Holy
        Spirit. A bow, as in “bow and arrow,” can project
        power through the air. That is part of the power of
        the Holy Spirit.)

  3. Second Seal

    1. Read Revelation 6:3-4. Do you think “red” is symbolically
      a good or bad color? (Read Revelation 12:3-4. The red
      dragon represents Satan, so I will conclude this is not a
      good color.)

    2. Read Acts 12:1-3. What do we find recorded after the
      disciples begin their gospel work? (Persecution comes.
      John’s brother, James, was one of its early victims. Other
      Christians lost their lives because of their gospel work.)

  4. Third Seal

    1. Read Revelation 6:5-6. What does the color black tell us?
      (Read Jeremiah 4:27-28. Darkness is a picture of mourning.
      Even today we wear black at funerals.)

    2. Look again at Revelation 6:6. What do these prices
      reflect? (Commentators indicate that these are very high
      prices, thus suggesting a famine.)

    3. Read Acts 11:28. What do we find here? (Famine over the
      entire Roman empire!)

    4. Read Matthew 24:1-7. How does famine play into the time of
      the end? (I have read accounts of how terrible it was in
      Jerusalem when Rome laid siege to it and ultimately
      destroyed it. People were starving. In addition, famine is
      one of the signs of the end of the world.)

  5. Fourth Seal

    1. Read Revelation 6:7-8. What does the color “pale” tell us?
      (This is explicit, it signifies death.)

      1. What happens when this seal is opened? (The
        population of a fourth of the world is in trouble!)

      2. On commentator I read suggested that this is a fourth
        of the Roman world, not the population today. What
        do you think about that idea? (Read Revelation 9:14-16. The information that the number of cavalry
        soldiers is two hundred million does not sound like a
        reference to a portion of the population of the earth
        during the time of the Roman empire.)

    2. Look specifically at Revelation 6:8. Who is doing the
      killing? (Riders named Death and Hades.)

      1. Read Revelation 20:14. Is Jesus behind these
        killings? (Jesus is the enemy of Death and Hades
        because He destroys them. But, it appears that Jesus
        allows this: “they were given power over….”)

      2. When we looked at the Revelation 9 reference, it said
        a third of the population died. Does Revelation 6:8
        say that a fourth of the population dies? (No. It
        says that Death and Hades were given power over a
        portion of the world.)

        1. Knowing what you do about the nature of Jesus,
          do you think that He authorized this? (Just
          like Adam and Eve chose to turn the earth over
          to Satan, so I believe that the people in this
          section of the earth turned it over to Death
          and Hades. Jesus merely permitted their

  6. Fifth Seal

    1. Read Revelation 6:9-11. Are these martyrs in heaven? Or,
      is this symbolic?

      1. Some forcefully argue that this text says nothing
        about the state of the dead. What do you think? (Read
        Luke 9:30-32. We won’t get sidetracked into a long
        study on this, but the Bible reveals that some humans
        have been taken directly to heaven (Elijah) and some
        raised to life and taken to heaven (Moses). Because
        Moses and Elijah are heroes of faith, I don’t think
        this is common, but this shows what God has done in
        the past. These martyrs could be in heaven.)

    2. Re-read Revelation 6:11. What does this tell us is going
      on during this seal? (Christians are being killed for
      their faith as an ongoing matter!)

  7. Sixth Seal

    1. Read Revelation 6:12-14. Is this a regional event? Would a
      reasonable reading of this be fulfilled by something that
      happened in a small region of the United States? (The
      reference to a “great earthquake” could be a regional
      event. On the other hand, “every mountain and island was
      removed” is a world-wide event.)

      1. Is the earthquake related to the islands moving? (If
        it is, then none of this is a regional event.)

      2. What does that mean that the “sky receded like a
        scroll?” (Physics shows that we can see the past and
        the future in the in the stars. Just like we can hear
        and see a train when it is coming towards us, so we
        can see events in the sky coming towards us. This is
        a world-wide event.)

    2. Read Revelation 6:15-17. How do these kings have the time
      to hide? If the Second Coming of Jesus is instant and
      world-wide, are the wicked not stopped right where they
      stand? (This further supports the conclusion that the
      entire world will see things happening in the galaxy that
      will tell them the universe is collapsing.)

    3. Friend, are you ready? Do you want to hide or cheer when
      Jesus comes again? Why not confess that Jesus is Lord and
      accept His white robe of righteousness – His life, death
      and resurrection on your behalf? Why not do that right

  8. Next week: The Sealed People of God.