Want to learn more about Bible Biographies? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 13-part series.

Recently, I was speaking with a lady who is dying of
cancer. Because she has little time to live, I anxiously explained
the plan of salvation to her. While I spoke, she fingered the cross
hanging from her neck and responded, “I know, I know.” Her reaction
was that this was old news, rather than good news. As I progressed
to explain about the conflict between good and evil, she told me she
did not believe Satan exists. At once I knew she did not fully
understand the gospel. Our study this week and this quarter reveals
the conflict, the drama, between good and evil. Only with the
background of evil can we most clearly see the picture of God’s love
for us. Let’s dive in!

Both Peter and Judas betrayed Jesus. One went on to
fame and glory in the Christian church and the other to suicide,
derision and contempt. Why? Was it because Judas killed himself
before he repented? Let’s jump into our study about the two betrayers
and find out!

Do you feel pressure in your life? Does that pressure
come from obedience to God? Or, do
you just seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong
people around you? The
stories of Noah and Job show these kinds of problems have been with us for
a very long time. Although
both Noah and Job are excellent examples of grace under pressure, because
we devoted an entire week
to Job only three months ago, we will discuss only Noah’s story this week.
(A link to allow you to
review the recent study of Job is provided below.) Let’s “dive” into
Noah’s story!

This week we are going to have the men sit on one side
of the church and the women on the other. That way we can keep the
wrestling to a minimum! Ladies, what kind of title is this anyway:
“Women as Advisors?” Shouldn’t it be “Women as Decision-makers?” How
about “If Momma Ain’t Happy, Ain’t Nobody Happy?” OK, calm down, put
the hymnals back. The Bible records that sometimes women give really
lousy advice (as Eve did) and sometimes they show they should be
making the decisions (as in Abigail’s case). How should ladies advise
their husbands? When should husbands take their advice? Let’s dive in
and find out!

One of the great stories of the Old Testament is the
story of Joseph. The story covers 20 chapters of the Bible. Since we
do not have the time to look at each chapter, let’s jump in and study
a few highlights from 9 of the chapters.

Last weekend I was with my brother at a church picnic.
He lives at one end of the country and I live at the other. When one
of the fine members of his church said to us, “I’ve been wondering,
which of you is the oldest?”, it provoked an immediate protest from
my (younger) brother. Sibling rivalry is still alive at the half
century mark! Our lesson is about sibling rivalry in the Bible, so
let’s race our siblings to dive into our study!

Our lesson this week is about children. Jesus tells us
in Matthew 19:14 that the kingdom of heaven belongs to those like the
little children brought to Him. The “teacher’s comments” section of
our lesson opines “children are generally filled with trust and
honesty.” Yet Proverbs 22:15 tells us “Folly is bound up in the heart
of a child, but the rod of discipline will drive it far from him.”
What can we learn from the children of the Bible, if anything? Let’s
jump in and find out!

Have you ever wondered what is the best way to bring
people to Jesus? Should we go door to door? Talk to people when they
are trapped next to us in an airplane? Pass out flyers? Stand on the
street corner and proclaim the message? Let’s jump into our lesson
and examine some stories of people being brought to Jesus!

We had a great time last quarter when all of our
lessons were on the topic of prayer! This week our lesson turns again
to this topic. Since studying prayer is such a blessing, we will
assume our lesson authors are looking for more blessings for us and
not suffering from forgetfulness! With that mind-set let’s dive into
our study!

Romans 8:28 tells us that in all things God works for
the good of those who love Him. How then do you explain that
Christians get killed for their faithfulness? How is that good? Why is
this allowed to happen? Our lesson this week is about martyrs, so
let’s jump into this mystery!

What exactly is faith? How do we know we have it? If
we have it, do we have enough? What good thing happens if we have
faith? The most famous chapter of the Bible dealing with faith is
Hebrews 11. That is our study this week – so let’s dive in!

Although the Bible consistently refers to the wives of
prominent men of the Old Testament, it does not focus on women in
leadership roles. This week we will study two leading women of the
Bible. Deborah of the Old Testament, and Mary, the mother of Jesus.
Let’s jump into our study!

How important is that little sin that you harbor? Does
God sweat the details? Does He care about small matters? Can we even
trust ourselves to be honest about “small sins.” Let’s dive into our
lesson about “tiny sins, huge results” and find out!