Want to learn more about Genesis – Beginnings and Belongings? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 13-part series.

This week we begin at the beginning! Not only do we
start a new quarter, but we start a new series of lessons on Genesis
– the first book of the Bible. Followers of Darwin reject the Genesis
account of the Creation. Worse, it is my impression that many
Christians take the Biblical account of Creation with more than a
little skepticism. As with many other things, if you start out on
the wrong track, you are unlikely to get to the right destination.
The Biblical account of Creation is critical to a correct belief
regarding the nature and power of God, the nature of sin and the
importance of the Sabbath. It also a mirror to determine your level
of confidence in God’s Word. Let’s dig into our study of whether the
Creation account should be believed!

Last week we studied whether the Creation account is
reliable. This week we look at the account itself. How did we come to
exist? How was our world created? Let’s dive in and find out!

When we studied Genesis chapter 1, the Creation account
seemed very clear and straightforward. Genesis 2 raises the issue of
whether there is more than one story here. Is God less than clear?
What lessons for life can we learn from the Creation account? Let’s
dive in and find out!

There is an old saying: “You get one shot at the king;
either you kill him or he kills you.” Imagine the thinking of Satan:
if you were given one opportunity to test the loyalty of Adam and
Eve, wouldn’t you bring your best argument, your best temptation?
Everything was riding on that “one shot.” Let’s jump into our lesson
and consider Satan’s decision on how to test the loyalty of God’s
newly minted humans!

Have you ever regretted something you have done? That
seems to be a normal part of the human condition. Does God ever
regret anything that He has done? Is it possible that God regrets
creating us? Let’s dive into our lesson and find out!

The Flood is over, God has saved His faithful.
How do they react? Is the earth now one glorious “near
heaven” experience? Is all at peace and harmony? Is God
lifted up? Or, have humans learned nothing? Let’s dive into
the Bible and find out!

Has God called you to serve Him? Have you let God down?
If you have felt the call, but found that you have failed God by
being unworthy, this study is for you! Abram shows us what it means
to fail God and what God will do for those who learn from their past
mistakes. Let’s jump into our study!

Have you ever unexpectedly found yourself in a “tough
spot” and wondered how you got there? Our study this week reveals how
making a series of small, but poor, decisions can create serious
problems in our life. Let’s jump into our study and learn more!

Years ago, I had a man ask me a question that I clearly
remember even now: how can I know what God has in mind for my life?
What direction should I take? I’m sure many students of these studies
have the same question. How can we trust or even know the leading of
God in our life? Our study this week gives us examples of God’s
leading which may give us some answers. Let’s jump into our study!

How many times does it seem like God needs a little
help to get those things done which you know He needs to do right
now? So far in the story of Abraham and his descendants, we have seen
what kind of trouble that kind of attitude can create. This week we
study two different approaches to “assisting” the will of God. Let’s
dive into our study and learn more!

Last week, we left our story with Jacob fleeing his
home to avoid being murdered by his brother Esau over defrauding him
of the birthright. Jacob’s cover story for his flight is that he is
going to find a wife. Let’s dive into our study and see what Jacob

Time passes, father Isaac dies and his sons Jacob and
Esau bury him. The two sons, now at peace, decide that they have too
many possessions to live in the same area. Esau moves to the hill
country and prospers. Jacob remains in Canaan, the land promised to
Abraham, Isaac and now him. Let’s plunge into our continuing saga in

Joseph’s life has been steadily going downhill despite
his faithfulness to God. He now has his big break. Will God “fix” his
problems forever? If God is with Joseph, can he expect rewards for
his faithfulness here on earth? Was the entire thing part of God’s
plan for Joseph and his family? Let’s dive into our lesson and find
out how things worked out in Joseph’s life!