Want to learn more about Isaiah? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 13-part series.

Have you ever been in a courtroom while a trial was
taking place? If you watch a criminal trial, you will see that the
first thing the prosecutor does after the jury is selected is to
explain the charges against the accused. The defense can then
explain its side of the case or wait until after the prosecutor puts
on the state’s evidence. Isaiah starts out his book like he is a
prosecutor laying out his case to a jury. Jurors, let’s jump in and
find out what this case is all about!

Do you like change? Most people fear change because it
brings uncertainty. When it comes to the basics, there has been
little change in my life. I’ve lived in the same house for over 20
years, been married to the same wife for almost 30 years, had the
same job for almost 30 years, and have been a member of the same
local church for about 25 years. That is a lot of “sameness.” But in
the last three years my two immediate bosses have changed. While
that change was taking place, I had some anxiety about the leadership
at work. Outside of the basics, my life is one of constant change. I
litigate cases for a living. The judge is “the boss” in the case, and
since I have cases all over the country, I’m always before a
different judge in a different court. That can create some real
anxiety. This week our lesson starts out with changing leadership,
let’s dive into our study of Isaiah!

Think about what causes you the most worry. Is it
something bad that already happened? Or, is it something bad that you
think might happen? I find that most of my worry is about things that
might happen in the future. If you find that you turn “molehills into
mountains” this lesson is for you. If you are not sure where to turn
in times of trouble, this lesson is for you. Let’s jump in!

Let’s review. King Ahaz of Judah finds that his enemies
(Syria and Israel) have shown up, armed and dangerous, at his front
door step. He could rely on God for help, but he does not. Instead,
he bribes the King of Assyria to attack Syria and Israel. What does
Ahaz use for bribe money? The valuables from God’s temple and palace
money. Instead of relying on God, he relies on money and other
humans. Is it a smart move? Let’s jump into our lesson and find out!

Last week’s lesson ended on a very dark note. We found
a progression of life for those who do not rely on God. Life turns
out badly and they become angry and blame God. Continuing to look
away from God finally brings them to a point of “utter darkness.”
That doesn’t sound like the trip I want to take. There is another
journey we can take instead. Let’s dive into the Bible and discover
that path!

Some people really irritate me! How about you, do you find that a certain type of person irritates you? When I was first
married my wife and I were invited out to lunch. Almost immediately
I was annoyed by our host. Why? Because he was a “Mr. Know-it-all.”
His pride of opinion rubbed me the wrong way until I realized the
reason I was so annoyed was that I too had strong opinions. Our
church devotes part of the worship service to prayer requests and
praises. I am often in charge of this and I find, to my great
irritation, that some members use this time to make spiritual
exhortations. It is not a prayer request or a praise, but a little
“Let me tell the rest of you how you should live.” Arghh! Then I
think, “I love to teach and preach and tell people how they should
live!” We notice our sins in other people. Our lesson this week is
about pride. Let’s jump into a very relevant study!

Our study this week involves one of my favorite stories in the Bible. King Ahaz dies and King Hezekiah, who loved the true
God, is now on the throne of Judah. The problem is, as you will
recall, that Ahaz had made a deal with the Assyrians. The Assyrians
decided they would not simply take Ahaz’s bribe money, they would
take his whole country! Do you have impossible problems? Has your
father created difficulties for you? Need help yesterday? Hezekiah is
our “poster child” for dealing with serious difficulties. Let’s
plunge into his story to learn how a master handles impossible

We just celebrated Mother’s Day in my home. Although my mother died four years ago, and disappeared into the dark world of
Alzheimer’s many years before that, I will never forget the feeling
of comfort that she would give me. I like to avoid sick people so I
will stay well. Not my Mom. When I was sick, she was there to try to
make the sickness as comfortable as possible. This week God our
Father, the One who has been disciplining His people, now sounds more
like “God our Mother” as He turns to comfort His people. Let’s charge
into our lesson!

Each week we are watching the progress of God’s people
as He leads them on a journey back to Him. So far, the passage has
been pretty rough. But, God’s people seem to be coming out of the
difficult areas into more normal life. What should we consider to be
“normal life?” How can we know when God is with us? How do we even
know that God exists? Let’s dive into the lesson and find out!

Ever feel helpless? Ever feel hopeless? Ever wish
someone would help you? Do you try to get help when you feel like
that? Who do you call? In our lesson today we learn that we are
helpless and hopeless without God. Not only is God willing to help
us, but the extent to which He has already helped us is, frankly,
unthinkable. Let’s take a journey into God’s incredible love for
hopeless humans!

What does God expect of you when dealing with others?
Is it possible to attend church each week, know the Bible, and yet
utterly fail to follow God as a practical matter? How do we “wage
love” in our everyday life? Is “tough love” a way to wage love? Let’s
jump into our lesson and find out what Isaiah has to say!

Are you troubled about the terrible things you read in
the newspapers and see on television? Is there any end in sight to
the problem of sin? If there is, what is it? Looking down the long
ages of earth’s history, Isaiah reveals God’s ultimate solution to
the sin problem. Let’s dive into our study and find out about God’s

We have come to the end of our study of Isaiah. Isaiah
knows how to make a great ending to his book! He ends with a picture
of God’s final judgment and the reward of the righteous in the earth
made new. Let’s plunge into our study of Isaiah 65 and 66 and learn
about our future!