Want to learn more about Revelation? Use these Bible Studies for personal devotion, group Bible studies, or teaching a church class. Below are links to the lessons in this 13-part series.

Exciting days ahead! We are studying the Book of
Revelation. Frankly, I prefer studies of a book, rather than a topic.
Of the books in the Bible, Revelation is one of the most interesting,
exciting, and complicated. Our challenge lies ahead! Let’s plunge
into our study and see what we can learn from the Book of Revelation!

Would you like to know the future? The worrisome part
is that you might not like your future! Our study this week has a
slightly different approach. Instead of merely giving us information
about the future, it tells us that our future is in the hands of
Jesus, who not only has all power, but He cares for us. Let’s plunge
into our study of the Bible and learn more!

We have a lot to cover this week! Scholars believe that
John’s message to each of the local churches is also a prophetic
message to the Christian church at various times in its history.
Each local church has certain characteristics and problems that
reflect the overall church during certain historical periods. Of
course, these statements are general descriptions, and I suspect that
each of us will identify with some of the problems outside our
“time.” The last church is Laodicea, and it represents the church
before Jesus’ Second Coming. I trust you agree with me that is our
time in history. Let’s dive into our study and learn what God has
for us in these descriptions of His church!

Have you visited a beautiful home and noticed a
partially open door? Did you want to peek inside? What pulled you to
look? That is how our study of Revelation this week begins! What we
will see inside is amazing! Let’s dive into our study of the Bible
and see what God has to teach us!

Last week we learned something glorious: Jesus opened
the scroll that no one else (including our Father in Heaven) was
“worthy” to open. The idea that God the Father was not worthy seemed
ridiculous, until we thought about it a little more. Jesus saved us
eternally by His perfect life, His sacrifice on the cross, and His
resurrection on our behalf. Jesus opened the future for us! This week
we learn more about this scroll and our future. Let’s plunge into our
study of Revelation and learn more!

When we studied the “Seven Seals” last week, did you
notice that we were missing a seal? That is right, Revelation 6 ended
with the sixth seal! It turns out that the seventh seal is found in
Revelation 8. We study Revelation 8 next week. Revelation 6 ended
with momentous signs taking place in the heavens. What is happening
in the galaxy causes world leaders to realize that Jesus is coming
and the “day of wrath” is beginning. Revelation 8 begins the
discussion of a horrible time on earth. So what is Revelation 7
about? As we will study this week, it is about those who are saved!
Note that there are important points in Revelation 7 that are
difficult to understand. Let’s dive into our study of the Bible and
see what we can learn!

This week we come to the seventh seal! In Revelation 6
we saw that Jesus opened the first six seals. Last week, in
Revelation 7 we studied God’s sealed people. The sealed are those who
choose to follow Jesus. This week Jesus opens the seventh seal to our
study. Why would God provide the information to us in that order?
Let’s plunge into our study of the Bible and see if we can find the
answer to that question and unravel the meaning of the seventh seal
and the seven trumpets!

I hate to lose! Lawyers are not supposed to take their
cases personally. Instead, lawyers are supposed to do their best job
of presenting the evidence, and a judge decides who is right. Since
nearly all of my cases involve defending my client’s religious
liberty or free speech, I take winning or losing personally. Why?
Because the outcome not only affects my client, it affects the
freedom of many others. That is one reason why I’m glad I’m a winner
when it comes to the ultimate religious liberty fight! Satan will be
defeated! Let’s plunge into our Bible and study that defeat!

Today in the United States, we have all these silly
warnings about obvious dangers. These warnings are the unfortunate
result of the work of lawyers. As you all know, I’m a lawyer and law
professor, so let me give you a warning about something that you
probably already know. The studies today and last week are based on
my reading of the Bible. Many Bible scholars disagree with me. I
readily admit their superior training in all areas except logic.
With that warning, let’s dive into our study of Revelation 13!

This week Revelation turns to one of my favorite
topics: the everlasting gospel! While I’ve been warning you that I
might not be right in my understanding of some of our past studies in
Revelation, I feel confident about the gospel. Let’s dive into our
study of the Bible and learn more about end times and the everlasting
gospel of Jesus!

Do you love God? Are you grateful for what He has done
for you and those you love? Our study this week reveals the opposite
side of the spectrum. We see in great detail what happens to those
who hate God and who harm His saints. It is a terrible thing to fall
into the hands of a God who meets out justice! Let’s dive into
Revelation and learn more!

When we left Revelation 16 last week we closed with the
enemies of God assembling for the Battle of Armageddon. This week we
are introduced to a new character, the “great prostitute.” War and
sex, this is beginning to sound like a modern novel. Let’s plunge
into our study of the Bible and learn more about what God has in mind
for the future!

Our series skips over Revelation 18. That chapter tells
us that there is a lot of sadness on behalf of people who make money
profiting from evil. With the fall of Babylon, they are out of
business. This week the tone changes. We start with Revelation 19 and
the happiness of those who are now victorious through the power of
Jesus. They have suffered greatly under evil, but evil is fast
disappearing. Let’s jump into our study and learn more about our
joyful future!